About Us

Our Recipe…25 Years of Sourcing, Blending & Roasting



We have a staff of passionate, and coffee-loving professionals who are committed to sourcing green coffee from origin, conducting coffee sensory analysis and testing and tasting every batch we roast. We are dedicated to coffee progress in the areas of environment, social responsibility, and coffee quality development. We are also looking beyond the taste, searching for both coffees and buying practices that fit into our worldview as businesspeople who are passionate about doing better through our deeds every single day. Better social and enviromental practices through our production facility. Introducing a Swiss Water process to our decaffinated beans which leave out harsh chemicals. Making sure our beans are sourced from organic and fair trade outlets. That last idea is what we believe at Steamboat Coffee Roasters: That buying the best coffees means buying coffees better. In order to maintain the integrity of the supply chain and reinforce the relationships we aim to build with farmers, we knew we needed to design a completely holistic sourcing strategy, one that incorporated the needs not only of our roaster customers, but also of the farmers. Rather than simply “coming in, taking the best, and leaving,” the importing company we use has created a network of products and market options for coffees that cup along a spectrum of quality levels, buying and paying for them accordingly. 

-The Eric & Nancy Meyer Family

Owners: Eric, Nancy, Roman, Shadowwolf and Emmeileen Sage live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with their furry friends and a love of all things the Rocky Mountains have to offer.