Our signature Blends at a Glance FROM LIGHTEST TO DARKEST ROAST


Blonde Wrangler

Our smoothest organic roast. The single origin high-grown Mexican Chiapas boasts a body with a clean, refreshing finish. The heart of the coffee delivers fruit and spice, with a slight hint of cinnamon at the finish. Fabulous mellow roast.


Nordic Jumpin' Beans

Celebrating our Olympic Nordic Skiing heritage, this signature recipe of hand picked beans offers a lighter but full bodied roast. The perfect collection of beans from Tanzania, Sumatra, Guatemala, Mexico & Peru delivers this smooth coffee experience. Our newest roast and has become a locals favorite!


Mad Creek Rush

People from all over Northwest Colorado have been enjoying Mad Creek Rush for over a decade. This Organic blend of Central and South American sun-dried beans create the perfect mellow medium roast. A rich chocolate base with a somewhat fruit & nut finish makes this our most popular restaurant blend. Perfect cup, anytime of the day.


Rockin' Rainbow Roast

A complex medium roast, this very high quality Costa Rican single origin organic has a vanilla aroma, generous body, and a clean crisp finish. Bright, but easily drinkable at any time of day!


Powder Morning

Our signature blend of Organic Tanzanian Peaberry and Mexican Chiapas, these high altitude grown beans deliver a rich medium bodied and sweet coffee. Chiapas beans bring hints of cherry and dark chocolate, while the Peaberry finishes the experience with a lively flavor and distinguished aroma. Truly a spectacular smooth cup every time. Served daily in many Steamboat restaurants


Hahn's Peak Blend

High quality Guatemalan and Indonesian coffees go into the formation of Hahn's Peak blend. This Organic coffee blend has been a local favorite for over 16 years, and continues to be one of our best sellers. We make this with a 2 roast batch process, which ensures we develop each bean to its maximum flavor profile.


Three Wire Winter

Exotically lush, sweet and heavy-bodied, born in the mountains of Indonesia and Guatemala, and one of the most heavily-bodied coffees in our spectrum. We roast our Sumatra medium bold, and it is perfect for those who prefer a smooth finish to the cup with little to no acidity. This Organic Fair Trade selection has a pleasant nutty aroma and possesses a distinctive syrupy exotic flavor. 


Cowboy Coffee

High altitude Central and South American beans are carefully blended to shape one of our finest dark roasts. This coffee stands up very well to grinding from a smooth large grind, to a very fine grind for that bold and sharp taste. Guatemalan beans offer a rustic cup character from the natural process, giving the coffee an interesting depth.


Alpine Shadows

This dark roasted coffee is a beautiful blend of organic, fair trade South American beans. Somewhat nutty with citrus fruit undertones. Alpine Shadows is a low acidity coffee, allowing a very drinkable dark roast.


Stout Trout Espresso

Our most popular dark roast and the perfect Italian roast. This high altitude Central American single origin coffee is also an incredible espresso. Delivering a sweet aroma with hints of guava and orange peel, this robust coffee has a bittersweet overlay with a rich caramel finish. That's right - yum! 


Cowboy Decaf

Swiss Water Processed. As opposed to introducing harsh chemicals to strip caffeine (and in many cases taste) our decaf is processed with water to preserve the natural flavor of the beans. This Central American coffee delivers a very unique coffee that has a bright flavor, with clean fruit and caramel aromatics. A pleasant surprise, as the rich taste is anything but decaffeinated in flavor!